Britain once more eyes regulating its press

LONDON—The idea of “regulating” the news media plays quite differently on the two sides of the Atlantic. In the U.S. it’s unthinkable: Press regulation of any sort would inevitably trample sacred freedoms and unleash state apparatchiks to badger and stifle the media. But in Britain the notion that news media need grownup supervision is widely […]

Blunder on the right

Watershed moments don’t announce themselves, and they’re not easy to spot in the flickering news of the day. But I think in recent weeks something of historic importance has been happening to the U.S. right-wing media establishment: It’s in trouble. Consider first the continuing scandal enveloping the Rupert Murdoch dynasty. Their giant News Corp. owns […]

Behaving badly is a British media tradition

  The phone-hacking scandal in Britain, after slowly gathering steam for at least five years, has exploded into a rich and fast-moving media spectacle. There’s so much: unscrupulous journalists who pillaged the personal communications of thousands of people looking for dirt; payoffs and hush money to keep the outrage quiet;  wide-ranging public corruption involving bribes […]