Net Neutrality Debate a Reminder that Content Was Never King

Media consumers are usually too busy paying attention to content to consider the channels through which it arrives. Yet the nature of those channels and the rules governing them have historically had a huge, unacknowledged role in creating and shaping what we read, watch and listen to. The motion picture business was founded by people […]

Deal makes Murdoch the mightiest media mogul

January 8, 2004 In the spirit of giving, just before Christmas regulators approved a proposal from Rupert Murdoch that will make him the country’s mightiest media baron. By a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission gave Murdoch’s News Corp. permission to buy control of DirecTV, the No. 1 U.S. satellite broadcaster. Like the FCC’s plan […]

Knowing when to keep quiet

June 2, 2003 The media often air their dirty laundry in public, as the flap over reporting fraud reminds us. But that’s just the newsroom sheets and towels. Picking through linen from the media’s corporate suites, that’s another matter, altogether more discreet. Consider the sparse coverage of the Federal Communications Commission’s plans to weaken safeguards […]