Net Neutrality Debate a Reminder that Content Was Never King

Media consumers are usually too busy paying attention to content to consider the channels through which it arrives. Yet the nature of those channels and the rules governing them have historically had a huge, unacknowledged role in creating and shaping what we read, watch and listen to. The motion picture business was founded by people […]

Giant media poised for a growth spurt

Week of Nov. 23, 2009 “Big media today wants to own the faucet, pipeline, water, and the reservoir. The rain clouds come next.” So wrote Ted Turner, the media entrepreneur who sold off CNN and the rest of Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner in 1996, in a remarkable Washington Monthly article five years ago that […]

Playing Monopoly with Mickey on the Internet

February 23, 2004 It’s remarkable in this election year how many of the issues that shape people’s lives are never raised: vanishing pensions, relaxed immigration controls, swollen numbers of working poor, soaring college fees. Campaign logic steers politicians not necessarily to the issues that matter most, but to those where they smell electoral advantage. Others […]