Sources under siege: The need to protect the flow of news in the digital age

This is adapted from a talk I gave to the annual conference of the international Organization of News Ombudsmen, May 20, 2013, in Los Angeles. Last year I was asked to prepare a presentation for an investigative reporting symposium that’s held every year at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. […]

The Ethics of Product Placement

Panel Presentation, Magazine, Media Ethics and Advertising divisions, Annual Conference, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication San Francisco, Calif. August 3, 2006 What is the ethics perspective on product placement? That is, is there anything wrong with product placement, and if so, what does that wrong consist of? I’m going to start by putting product placement into […]

Transparency and Quality Journalism

To the Forum Folha de Jornalismo, Sponsored by Folha de S. Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 10, 2006 This topic is well chosen, since it implies that transparency might not be fully compatible with the requirements of quality journalism. That is good to remember, since “transparency” has recently become one of those irreproachable terms […]

Coming up Short: The Dilemma of the Evil but Truthful Source

Remarks on the problem of short-sellers to the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Gary Klott Memorial Ethics Symposium, Minneapolis, Minn. on April 30, 2006 Initially I thought this was a fairly thin subject: What’s the problem with accepting information from short-sellers? If the story’s solid and newsworthy, you run with it, right? […]